Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Gscope - a software oscilloscope library

Gscope is a software oscilloscope library build using the GTK and Gnome toolkits. The scope displays signals in real-time and enables recording and playback of signal data. It can be employed at the same time to display multiple signals as well as for modifying signal parameters on the fly. Generally, the scope can be employed to monitor, display and debug several types of “real-time” data. Besides, the scope can be used for plotting or graphing file data that is in a tuple format. 

The Gscope library consists of two main widgets, GtkScope and GtkScopeApp that can be used by application programmers. GtkScope is a canvas on which signal data is plotted. GtkScopeApp provides a graphical interface for manipulating the GtkScope widget functionality. An application creates one or more GtkScope or GtkScopeApp widgets to display data. On each GtkScope or GtkScopeApp widgets, one or more signals can be plotted.

The Gscope library lets updating signal and control parameters dynamically. For example, the filter parameter of a low-pass filtered signal can be adjusted from within the scope. In addition, new signals can be added dynamically or signals can be taken out from the scope by an application program. For improved visualization, the range of each plotted signal, its zoom and bias can all be changed.