Tuesday, 26 August 2003

Plentiful Proliferation:

August 26, 2003 Iran's nuclear weapons program proceeds apace, and the UN drives its head deeper into the sand. If the conventional wisdom is correct, North Korea already has about 2 nukes. Iran will have a working bomb in about 2- years. At some point in the next ten years, a major city (Haifa, Tel Aviv, New York, London?) will be on the receiving end of one of those bombs. Unless... Unless Bush goes back to the UN Security Council and puts both the North Korean and Iranian issues on the table in such a way as to force the most vigorous inspections. This will be that "last, last chance" for the Security Council to be an effective non-proliferation body. We can afford to be a bit more patient with Iran than we were with Iraq; but North Korea has already reached the point of no-return. Nothing short of regime change is going to end Pyongang's bomb production. But is regime change on the table?

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