Friday, 19 March 2004


Arafat has watched The Passion and has declared that it is not anti-semitic.

I guess that settles that.
MARCH OF THE MORONS: Saddam nostalgia was running high today:

"From Sydney to Tokyo, Madrid, London, New York and San Francisco, protesters condemned U.S. policy in Iraq and said they did not believe Iraqis are better off or the world safer because of the war."

Obviously, they're entitled to their beliefs, no matter how stupid and uninformed. Like good ole Reeves here:

"The thing they all object to is Bush," said demonstrator, Reeves Hamilton, 30. "It doesn't make sense to bomb countries that have nothing to do with Sept. 11."

What's your point? We bombed Germany and they had nothing to do with Pearl Harbor. This is a global conflict and it will take more than flushing out a few jihadists from the mountains to roll back the greater tide of Islamic madness.

The essence of the protestors beef is that we failed to remove the splinter from our own eye before stopping bin Laden from ramming a stake through our skull.

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